Financial Investment

Making your money work harder than you

How do I set money aside for my children’s future?

Placing some savings away for a rainy day is really important as life is forever changing and unexpected costs always seem to pop up. Anyone with children will know that expenses and costs seem to arise in the most unlikely fashions and it is important to have a contingency fund there if needed. Affinity offers long-term savings vehicles that can help nurture savings for your children future. We aim to remove the worry of unexpected costs with strong regular savings.

How do I afford the holiday I deserve?

Life is all about choices. More of one thing usually means less of another. It is important you spend your life doing the things that are most important to you, but generally we need money to make these things happen. The ability to plan & save for your goals is something we at Affinity are passionate about, and can help set up accounts and products to help you reach your goals.

Am I going to be comfortable in retirement?

Saving for retirement is like a snowball. Imagine a snowball at the top of a really big hill. If we push that snowball down the hill it will pick up speed, pace, and also grow to a nice large ball at the bottom of the hill. If we pushed the same sized snowball down a hill half the size, we would end up with a smaller ball at the bottom as it had less time to grow. Retirement savings is exactly the same. The earlier we can start saving the easier it is for your money to work hard over time and mature to a larger investment. At Affinity we advise on products to help your nest egg develop into strong retirement investments. My biggest advice is to think about this now as you can never start to early, as this will only help you in the long run.

How do fees impact my investment?

Investment managers charge fees to manage your investment. These fees deduct from your returns on your fund and that is why it is important to understand exactly what you are being charged. If your investment has returned 7% for the year, but there is 4% worth of fees and taxes then your actual investment return is much less (3%). Less fees means more return on your investment, which means money for you.  Some investments promote strong results for the year to entice customers, however if the return has a lot of fees and taxes to be deducted it may not be as good as it sounds. Fees so make an impact, and we are happy to highlight these to you in our investment reviews.

When & how will I meet my goal?

Financial advice is such an important part of life. The decisions you make now can make a huge difference on your financial platform in 20 – 30 years time. Getting qualified professional advice now is important. Come and see us to get the following into shape:

  • Mortgage advice 
  • Personal risk insurance 
  • KiwiSaver & Retirement planning
  • Investment advice